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Proposal P, is a Product of “Chaos” and bullying

Attendees of the Charter Committee meetings described them as “Chaos” and “like watching children in kindergarten.” People were “Bullied” and the police even had to step in to prevent violence.

This is NOT how we should plan the future of our city.

Parts of Proposal P are Illegal and It Would Bankrupt Detroit

What came out of these chaotic Charter Committee meetings?

The Michigan attorney general’s office found “parts of the revised charter were illegal.” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer rejected Proposal P for “substantial and extensive legal deficiencies.

[Fox2, 6/16/21; The Detroit News, 4/30/21].

The chief financial officer for Detroit said Proposal P would cause “an imminent fiscal crisis” and would cost the city $2 billion. Gov. Whitmer said Proposal P “could spark another financial crisis.”

[ Detroit Free Press, 6/3/21; Fox2, 6/16/21; The Detroit News, 5/24/21]

Help stop Proposal P from destroying the future of our neighborhoods and our city.

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